| Never Leave The House Without It |

Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer
At Sephora for $38.

Although a little expensive for 1 oz, it proves to be worth it.
I would have never even walked out of the house without a foundation on. This product fixes those little red patches I have that make me uncomfortable. The green tint primer reduces the redness my skin has and makes my face look more even in tone. It’s extremely light weight and feels great on my skin. My face is already smooth, however this makes my skin feel even softer.
It is a very vibrent green color, but once you smooth it into your skin it becomes completely unnoticeable.
Smashbox has this and many more color correcting primers no matter what your problem areas are.


E.L.F. Cosmetic Brushes (White Handle)
At Target sold separately for $1
No, that is not a typo. These brushes are only $1.00 at Target.
These are my favorite types of brushes, not only because they’re so cheap and this brand doesn’t test on animals, but because they actually work, and they work well!
I’ve only had one problem with the larger blush brush (as shown on far left). The handle separated from the brush top after a couple weeks of use. It could have been that I got a faulty one out of the bunch, but it’s a very minor issue for a brush that costs very little.
I’m still using the large blush brush and it has become my favorite.
Other than that, I’ve tried a few of E.L.F.’s other $1 brushes and they’re perfect! The foundation brush is definitely my favorite.
I was never the kind of girl to use brushes for my foundation, always preferring to use my fingers instead, however after trying this one out, I’ve completely changed my mind!

E.L.F. also sells their “Studio” black handle brushes for $3, which is a very small price increase for a bit higher quality.
I’ve tried out quite of few of these Studio brushes as well and use most of them everyday.
This is the E.L.F. Studio Contouring Brush, it is my favorite out of the Studio collection.
Perfect for putting a splash of color in the crease of your eyes.

More to come!

| Favorite Home Beauty Remedies of All Time |

As a society we’re always looking for ways to fix our looks and strive to be the most beautiful that we can be.
Some people will spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get the best procedures done… and it’s crazy!
Thus bringing us to my favorite home beauty remedies!
These are extremely cheap and easy to use, and I guaranty most if not all people already own these items.


Teeth whitening kits can be expensive and yes, I have fallen victim to using them.
However… There are way less expensive things you can do to whiten your teeth.
I was looking for the quick fix for whiter teeth which I thought was next to impossible.
Then I found out the Raw strawberries actually have tooth whitening magic inside them!
Strawberries contain malic acid which is a type of tooth whitening agent.

1.   I like to either take a bite out of the strawberry or just cut it in half, either way works!
2.   After the inside of the strawberry is exposed take it and literally just rub it against your teeth, top and bottom & as far back as you can get!
3.   You only need to rub for about 30 seconds or so.
4.   After the 30 seconds are up, throw out the rest of the strawberry.
5.   Once your all done, make sure you brush your teeth, either with toothpaste or just good ol’ water. Strawberries have natural sugars in them which can sit on your teeth.

Once your all done, you will have noticeably whiter teeth, and it only took seconds!
I suggest you use this once a week, if you use it too often, such as everyday, it could harm the enamel of the teeth.


Acne is a problem most people encounter
whether it’s during their tweens, teens, or even into adulthood.
I personally have not had a lot of crazy intense ance issues, but I have had those pesky spots that appear right in the perfect place that are impossible to cover.
Mixing these 3 ingredients will combine to make an absolutely amazing acne spot reducer & remover.
Whenever I use this, I usually only use it on the spot I have instead of an all over mask.
I find that after leaving this miracle mix on my face for about 10 to 15 minutes my spots visibly get smaller, as well as decrease in swelling size, & redness.

1.   Put aspirin into a small bowl. | 1 or 2 uncoated aspirin to cover a few small acne spots, or 4 uncoated aspirin to make a full mask. | 
2.   Put a few small drops of water into the same bowl with the aspirin. | Only about a dime sized drop of water, you can always add a tad more if needed later.|
3.   Let the aspirin start to dissolve for about 30 seconds.
4.   Once it has dissolved a bit mash the aspirin around in the water with a spoon.
5.   Add any type of honey you have in your cupbord to this mix… | 1 teaspoon if you have 1 or 2 aspirin in bowl, or 1 tablespoon if you’ve added 4 uncoated aspirin | and stir it all together until you get a medium thickness paste. | As shown bellow. |

6.   If you’re only using this for a few spots, take a dab with your finger and place it onto the spots you have.
If you’re using the full mask, take the mixture with your fingers and rub it onto your face from your forehead to your chin, and down onto your neck if needed.
7.   Rub the mixture onto your face to exfoliate for about 30 seconds. | The aspirin has salicylic acid which is an ingredient used in acne medications. Also the honey is used to help moisturize the skin.|
8.   After exfoliating, let it sit on your skin for 10 to 15 minutes.
9.   Wash off your face thoroughly, making sure you remove all of that magic mixture off of your face.

Once removed, your skin should feel smooth and soft. You should also see a reduction of the noticeable blemish spots!
I use this about two to three times a week!
It’s wonderful and super easy to make and use!


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